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  • About

    Here we are again with another long term server Chaos Reborn. First server is Chaos, its online since 10 years, so be sure that ChaosReborn will be the same as Chaos

    We have our own rules to make the game is fun as much as we could, any question check our Facebook Page and send your report there. We are there always for help.

    ChaosReborn is offering you a new gameplay system with some limited edits that will make it better and better

    We have made new systems will get u into the fun everyday anytime.. So stay tuned and wait for us...

  • INFO + Rates

    • Race: CH/EU
    • Cap.: 140
    • Degree: 14
    • Max +: 16 noAdv
    • HWID(PC): NoLimit
    • BA limit: 2
    • Guild: 30
    • Union: 2
    • GoldDrop: 1x
    • ItemDrop: Medium
    • Exp/SP: Medium
    • Auto Events: Enabled
    • Battle Arena: Enabled
    • Fortress: Hotan

    Stay Tuned . . . .